Configurability Features

64-bit Macro language support

CRiSP now supports 64-bit macro language based on a C-like syntax – you can customize and create your own macros. Everything in CRiSP is written in the macro language – it fasts and featuresome, including support for integers, floating point numbers, strings, lists and arrays. The macro language supports object-hiding mechanisms to help build large macros, and full control of the GUI, including drawing.

Examples of advanced features added to CRiSP using macros include a Paint Brush bitmap editor, Sybase database browser, WWW spider utility.

The macro language now supports 64 bit integers, which increases the numeric range available for macros. Although most macros do not rely on this, on operating systems that support files greater than 2GB, this means that the sizes of files can be manipulated correctly without numeric wraparound occurring.

The macro language has been extended to include support for arrays to provide fast random access to collections of data objects.

Reconfigurable keyboard

  • Select from one of many pre-defined layouts, or create a new one
  • Multiple shift states are supported
  • Redundant assignments are permitted for a single command
  • In-software dialog makes configuration easy: select from an available keys list, or press the desired sequence

Customizable Dockable Toolbars

  • Choose which commands appear on the toolbar, and in what order
  • Use the “new row” element to create a multi-row toolbar
  • Option to display a user-configurable text label below each button
  • Option to display the toolbar bar as a floating window
  • Insert half space, full space, and divider elements as desired
  • Option to display button icons in double-size mode
  • Option to auto-format buttons when floating toolbar is resized
  • Option to choose the font used for button label text
  • Tear-off toolbar to engage floating mode; drag to a window edge to re-dock


  • Configurable menus, fonts, colors and key bindings
  • Create your own CRiSP dialog boxes, which run on all platforms
  • Extend the editor with CRUNCH environment or DLL interface.

Configurable Backup Facility

Never lose your work – configurable numbers of backups. You can specify where backups are kept and how they are named. Autosave – save your files automatically based on time delay or keystrokes. Can even autosave files when editor loses input focus.

Macro Recording

CRiSP macro recording allows the editor to quickly memorize a series of actions and then play them back at will. It even generates CRUNCH macro source code for keystroke and dialog box interactions.