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Licensing Overview

Workstation License: Software is licensed to be used on a specific workstation for a single user.

Networked / Floating License: Software is licensed to run on any machine over the network. Users can mix and match different operating systems and hardware platforms. A license manager track the concurrent usage.

Academic Licensing: By integrating CRiSP into the schools curriculum, the students will have an advantage of using a very easy to use, superior editor for their programming needs. Students with majors in computer engineering, computer science and EE can develop applications with ease using the built in support for colorized template editing for a large range of languages such as C, C++, Java on Unix, Windows and Linux platforms. With virtually no learning curve, students can start being productive at their projects FROM day one.

Workstation and Network licenses are available for students as well as school staff members. A current student ID card, faculty card or course registration receipt will need to be provided to get Academic pricing.

Pricing: For all license pricing, click here.