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New restyled CRiSP website launched

CRiSP Technologies unveiled their updated and restyled web site. Containing a wealth of information on the services and features offered by CRiSP, as well as being comprehensive resource on the market leading text editor, the new look website http://crisp.com is an essential visit.

Commenting on the new website, Rohit Mehrotra, CEO, said "In 2007, we expect significant new features to be added to CRiSP software. A restyled website provides us the platform to offer both existing and potential customers clear and understandable information on CRiSP editor”

With additional technical sections planned to be added over the coming months, the site will become an essential resource for all users looking for a powerful text editing environment.

CRiSP Programmers Text Editor - v9.2 Released

Vital, Inc., the leading marketer of multi-platform development tools, announces CRiSP v9.2, the latest version of the foremost programmers text editor for Unix, Windows, Linux and Mac developers. More than just a text editor, CRiSP is actually a very advanced development environment, which was designed to increase productivity by streamlining the process of program editing for developers in all backgrounds. The latest in this innovative technology is CRiSP v9.2, which provides greater editing power and customization control, thereby increasing output and enhancing project results.

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CRiSP Programmers Editor Is Now Available For OEM

Vital, Inc.,the marketer of the CRiSP programmers editor are now expanding their focus to include integration and bundling with OEM software and hardware manufacturers, as well as IDE developers. CRiSP is a multi-platform development tool which provides a very powerful, yet user friendly, interface for software developers and other office personnel. Vital, Inc. is now offering partnership opportunities for system manufacturers, as well as software manufacturers, who are searching for a user friendly development environment to integrate or bundle with their products.

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CRiSP - Leading Text Editor On Linux

For over 10 years Vital, Inc. has been selling the CRiSP Programmers Text editor to programmers around the world for development on Unix and Windows platforms. As one of a handful of advanced editors available for both Unix and Windows, Vital has recently seen a growing interest in the Linux versions of their products. In fact, evaluation downloads for the Linux version of CRiSP have increased by more than 100% over the past year and that number continues to increase as well.

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CRiSP Available For Mac Platform

Vital, Inc., announces CRiSP Programmers Editor for Apple Mac platform. Apple developers can now edit very large files in any manner (native Cocoa, X11 support plus console mode) and anywhere (local files, files over ftp and sftp) in an integrated environment. The native Mac application is targeted to developers interested in high-powered text editing and programming options and provides an advanced development environment designed to increase productivity for programmers of all backgrounds. CRiSP Programmers Editor comes with a platform independent macro language that can be used to fully customize / enhance the feature set.

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"I heartily recommend CRiSP for UNIX & MAC programmers who want a full featured, intuitive programmers editor that is customizable and easy to use with the keyboard."