Edit UNIX hosted Files On Windows

FTP-Editing is an alternative to using expensive X server products (like Exceed, Hummingbird) on Windows clients, or terminal based editing using telnet or remote login.

With the FTP-Editing, one can continue to use the native Windows CRiSP interface, while editing files on UNIX hosts. When using FTP-Editing, CRiSP will download the file to the local Windows workstation and save the file back on the UNIX server with the correct format etc, in a seamless integrated fashion.

FTP-Editing is extremely useful for editing files over slow modem connections. As all editing is performed locally, there is no perceived sluggishness of a slow modem line. FTP-Editing allows one to continue to edit the file locally, e.g. on one's notebook, even if the network connection is down - uploading the files when the connection is back up.

With CRiSP's multi-backup facilities one gets added security because backups are saved locally - i.e., in case of an error, one can compare their changes or look at the files in the backup area.

CRiSP's FTP-Editing supports operation through firewalls, proxy servers, and provides for automatic logging in and quick site selection.

About Vital, Inc.

Vital, Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas. For 15+ years, Vital, Inc. has been distributing CRiSP to companies worldwide. The CRiSP user base now numbers in the millions and continues to grow as more and more developers discover the power and ease of use which CRiSP offers. For more information on CRiSP, visit our web site at http://crisp.com.


"I have been using the CRiSP editor for about 3 years. It is by far one the best text editors I have ever used. It is very reliable, and I have yet to lose any data using it. It makes the editing and compiling process effortless, and it frees up more time for other tasks. The colorization, buffering, and column editing features are well worth the cost of this software."