CRiSP Programmers Text Editor - v9.2 Released

According to Paul Fox, Chief Technology Officer for Vital Inc., "Release 9.2 is a major milestone in the lifecycle of CRiSP. With v9.2, CRiSP has re-established its lead in the marketplace as far as features and stability is concerned."

CRiSP v9.2 works with a wide variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Sparc-Solaris, Solaris-Intel, HP-UX, AIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, . Along with the release of CRiSP v9.2, Vital, Inc. offers the first version of CRiSP for Apple platform.

CRiSP v9.2 builds on its already expansive sophisticated features which demanding professionals have come to expect in an advanced development environment. It has an impressive assortment of features such as context tagging and navigation. This enhancement, along with easy cross-referencing and the simple project browser, will eliminate the frustration of repeated searching and allow the user to find any entry in seconds. Additional valuable time savers include the auto-parameter/section help, new dynamic search technologies, and proximity search and replace capabilities for multiple files and buffers. The development of FTP client editing provides easy access to files via remote login, and users can even create and run multiple sessions at once.

The new user defined language and templates now allow users to create custom template samples without having to edit a file. Enhancements such as hex editing and outlining, dynamic colorized editing and infinite undo and redo improve the ability to customize a project with ease and assure the elimination of costly mistakes during the editing process. Keyboard emulation allows the user to avoid the need to learn yet another keyboard layout. Overall, the superior projects and workspace support and intuitive editing environment provide an array of invaluable tools to help developers simplify and boost the entire editing process.

For nearly 15 years, Vital, Inc. has been distributing CRiSP to companies and consultants worldwide. Thousands of developers are already utilizing CRiSP, and more developers discover its power and ease of use everyday. With an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly interface and the latest in technological developments, CRiSP v9.2 is the ultimate multi-platform editor on the market today. For a free 21-day evaluation of CRiSP v9.2 or for more information, visit our website at

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"I'd rather flip burgers than use vi. Before CRiSP text editor came along I created FTP scripts to transfer files from my Sun to PC just so I could use Brief. CRiSP has been a lifesaver for me."