CRiSP Programmers Editor Is Now Available For OEM

Until recently, Vital, Inc. has focused on end user sales to market its products. This has proven to be a successful approach, giving the company a reputation for excellence with companies such as Sun Microsystems, AT&T, EDS, Xerox, Motorola, Alcatel, and many other Fortune 500 customers around the world. With constant input from the thousands of CRiSP users, Vital has continuously improved the CRiSP product over the years with features such as code beautifying, cut & paste, searching, syntax highlighting, macro editing, columnar editing and many more features too numerous to list. In addition, CRiSP has complete emulation modes for brief, vi, emacs, wordstar, and edt, thus eliminating the need to learn a new keyboard layout.

Now, Vital, Inc. is establishing a presence in the OEM marketplace through long term relationships with companies such as Credence Systems Corporation. Credence, a leading manufacturer of electronic test equipment, currently includes CRiSP with all of their electronic testers. They have been extremely pleased with the positive responses that they have received from their customers as a result of the increased utility provided by CRiSP. Bob Saunders, Sr. Marketing Applications Engineer for Credence Systems Corporation says, "I was given the job of finding the best UNIX programming editor on the market to include with our product. I installed and worked with all the packages I could find. CRiSP was easily the best solution available".

Since 1991, Vital, In. has been providing high productivity development tools for thousands of programmers around the world. You may find out more about Vital, Inc. and it\'s current product lines by visiting the company's website at To explore the possibilities of integrating CRiSP, with your current product line, please contact Rohit Mehrotra at 972-378-3843 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


"I have been using the CRiSP editor for about 3 years. It is by far one the best text editors I have ever used. It is very reliable, and I have yet to lose any data using it. It makes the editing and compiling process effortless, and it frees up more time for other tasks. The colorization, buffering, and column editing features are well worth the cost of this software."