CRiSP - Leading Text Editor On Linux

It's actually no surprise that as Linux continues to grow commercially, developers for Linux have begun searching for more powerful alternatives to the basic editors included with most Linux OS's. Many developers are thus downloading the free evaluation of CRiSP from Vital's website and finding the perfect fit with CRiSP.

CRiSP, unlike many editors, can be used in both graphical and text modes depending upon the user's particular needs. Many users also find it very useful that CRiSP comes complete with built in selectable keyboard emulation modes for brief, vi, cua, wordstar, and emacs so that no time is lost learning new keystrokes. Thus, even new users can be immediately productive.

Some of CRiSP's other powerful features include cut & paste, search and replace, code folding, columnar editing, syntax highlighting, and tagging. In addition, about 75% of CRiSP is written in its own macro language making it easy for users to write their own macros and thus, customize CRiSP to their own unique style.

Although, Linux continues to grow in popularity, there are still relatively few development environments available for it which are as powerful as CRiSP. Vital, Inc. feels that by making Linux development easier with editors like CRiSP, more companies will begin to develop a greater variety of application software for Linux platforms and thus, the Linux market in general will grow as well.


"CRiSP is awesome, especially for anyone who likes to use Brief on the PC, and hates vi. I use it for all my code development and maintenance tasks. It's also great for editing binary files or very large files, or files which have very long lines, which cause other editors to choke."