Tools - Functions call

The Tools menu provides access to a variety of more sophisticated editing facilities.
Displays a character set chart. This is most useful for programmers. Options are provided for viewing the character codes in decimal, octal and hexadecimal. You can invoke the same command by running the ascii macro at the Command: prompt (<F10>).

Change Log
Utility macro to aid in creating edit histories for projects.

File compare
Dialog box supporting commands to compare two versions of a file, or two directories showing which files have been modified or added.

File merge
Displays dialog box, similar to the File difference dialog, which allows you to compare two files and output the results to a new file showing all the lines which have been added/deleted.

Function calls
Invoke dialog for viewing function call graphs. Requires a tag database to be functional.

GUI mail reading macro - only applicable to Unix machines.

Operator hierarchy
Dialog showing operator precedence chart for a variety of programming languages including, C/C++, Perl, TCL.

Dialog box allowing you to sort parts of the buffer, including columns.

Spell check
Perform a spell check on the current document, and/or set spell checker options.

Telephone directory
Simple telephone database.

Check in, ... RCS History
Commands for checking files into and out of a source code control database.

Compile current file based on previously defined setup options.

Executes the current file or program derived from the file. This is useful when testing scripts or small projects which consist of a single source file. For example, under Windows, you might be editing a source file such as test.ada, in which case the defualt is to execute the program test.exe.

Build project using the make facility.

Shell buffer
Create a shell buffer, which can be used to capture output of a shell-process.


"CRiSP is awesome, especially for anyone who likes to use Brief on the PC, and hates vi. I use it for all my code development and maintenance tasks. It's also great for editing binary files or very large files, or files which have very long lines, which cause other editors to choke."

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