Text Formatting

These menu entries are mostly to do with text processing and reformatting.

abcd -> Abcd
This option is used for changing the initial case of each word. The first letter is capitalized and the remaining letters are changed to lower case. Select the region to affect and then use this command.

Center line
Centers the current selected area. Lines are indented so that they are in the middle of the line. If no region is selected then the current line only is centred.

Comment & Comment box
These two commands are used for inserting comments into program source code. The comment box command intelligently reformats the selected region and encloses the comment in a box. The comment characters and box style are configurable. If the comment is already in a box then CRiSP will avoid reboxing the comment.

The comment command is designed for commenting out source code. It adds an open comment to the start of each line of the selected area, and appends a close comment sequence (if defined) to the end of each line. These comments can then be removed with the Uncomment option (see below). You will need to be careful if the selected lines are already commented as many languages do not allow for nested comments.

Comments are configurable on a per file type basis. CRiSP comes supplied for various languages. Refer to the Language Editing Modes dialog for comment settings.

This command is used to reformat a selected region. Each line is reformatted so that as many words as possible are fitted on to each line (within the constraints of the right hand margin). This option is typically used to reformat one or more paragraphs. (A paragraph is one or more lines with a blank line used to delimit the end of one paragraph and the start of the next).

You can use the <Ctrl-F>shortcut for this option for plain text files. If you use <Ctrl-F> on a program file then this will produce the same effect as Comment box.

This command is used to strip off comments from a previously commented out section of code, e.g. after using the Comment command above. It strips off comments at the start and end of line.

Lower & Upper case
Converts the currently selected area to lower or upper case text.


"I have been using the CRiSP editor for about 3 years. It is by far one the best text editors I have ever used. It is very reliable, and I have yet to lose any data using it. It makes the editing and compiling process effortless, and it frees up more time for other tasks. The colorization, buffering, and column editing features are well worth the cost of this software."

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