Character Interface


CRiSP is an editor for editing plain text files. These could be program source files, scripts, or data files. The uses are entirely up to you. So how do you start CRiSP? The first thing to do is know which version of CRiSP to start, as the standard distribution includes two copies of the editor - a GUI version and a character based version.

The character mode version is cut down version of the main product. The prime advantage of cr is that it can be more convenient to use if you spend a lot of time using the systems command line window application (e.g.COMMAND.COM or CMD.EXE under Windows, or xterm under Unix). The simpler character mode version can also be used across a remote login session and can be useful when wanting to switch quickly between shell commands and editing. Use the GUI version for full power editing. Both versions are available on all platforms, i.e. Windows and Unix.

The character mode version does not support the normal GUI features such as the menu bar, scrollbars or the toolbar, but is compatible with the full version as far as keystroke operation is performed. Which you use will depend on your needs and system set up.


"CRiSP is awesome, especially for anyone who likes to use Brief on the PC, and hates vi. I use it for all my code development and maintenance tasks. It's also great for editing binary files or very large files, or files which have very long lines, which cause other editors to choke."

Crisp Screenshots