HTML Support

HTML Support

CRiSP provides extensive support for HTML programming. It is one of the most powerful HTML editors out there. The HTML Toolbar is preconfigured for popular functions. HTML Template Set can be used to insert commonly used HTML tags.

HTML editing sub-menu
The HTML sub menu provides options for applying edits which are useful when manually creating HTML documents.

Convert to Text glyphs
Use this option after selecting a region of text (or the entire buffer if nothing is selected). This will convert the text from HTML format to plain text. This involves converting any HTML character commands into their plain text equivalents, for example < is HTML for ‘<’.

Convert to HTML glyphs
This command is similar to the convert to text option but works in reverse, converting characters which cannot be used literally to their HTML equivalents. This is particularly useful, for example to take a piece of program code and to convert it into HTML reading for viewing in a document. For example, using raw C or C++ code is bound to cause display problems because of the use of characters such as & and <.

Convert text to HTML
This option is similar to the prior but is used to create a pure HTML file out of the current buffer. A new file is created (with a .html extension) and the file is loaded. For example, you can use this to quickly convert a syntax colored file into something immediately viewable from a web browser.




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