Site properties


The site properties dialog is used to add a new FTP or SFTP definitions. A number of settings are required to define a site, the bare minimum being the hostname and login information for the site. Other attributes may be based on personal preferences as appropriate.
There are two pages of settings - the first set is used for setting the main connection options, and the second is used for setting the options for an SFTP (FTP over SSL) connection.

Site name

Use this field to give a short descriptive name to your site.

Host name

Name of the site to contact or an IP address.

TCP Port

TCP port to connect on. The default value for the TCP protocol is 23.

Username and Password
Information needed for logging in. If you are not using an anonymous login, then you will need to specify a password. CRiSP stores passwords in an encrypted format, but this is not secure and you cannot rely on this to hide your passwords from snoopers. If you work in a sensitive environment then consider not specifying passwords but rely on being prompted for one instead or disable the Save password option.

Anonymous login
If selected, the username and password fields will be updated to reflect an anonymous login.

Save password

Specifies whether the password for this site is to be stored in the ftp.ini file. In a secure environment it is best not to store passwords even although they are encrypted as anyone who can access your ftp.ini file may be able to crack the encryption mechanism used. The encryption mechanism is designed to stop casual snoopers rather than determined hackers.

Transfer as
Specifies the default mode for file transfer. The two options are Binary and Text. Binary is usually the preferred option as it means that when a file is transferred an exact byte for byte copy of the file is created. If you transfer files in text mode then you may find that lines which previously ended in a single newline character will have a carriage return added before the newline. For text files this may not be an issue but for pure binary files (such as executables), it will result in file corruption.


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