• FTP Support

    This sub-menu provides access to the FTP Site manager used for opening files and defining sites, and for uploading files.

  • Language Support

    The contents of this menu is dependent on the type of the file you are editing. For example, when editing an HTML file, this menu will be populated with HTML specific commands. The contents of the menu will change as you switch buffers. If there are no specific menu items for the current file, then a list of all available languages only will be shown.

  • Webnews

    WebNews is a facility for monitoring news feeds on the internet whilst you are working. Instead of having to switch from CRiSP to a web browser and then seeing what sites have changed, you can avoid the switch and keep a constant eye on changing news as it happens.
    Adding webnews to an editor might seem like a strange thing, but it is actually designed to improve productivity. With webnews, you can actually monitor more news sites and spend less time browsing, because you only see things which change and things of interest to you rather than having to poll sites for updates.

    WebNews relies on news sites making available news summary pages (usually in an XML file format known as RSS or RDF files). You do not need to know how it works. There are thousands of sites on the web which provide everything from major news, technical news, weblogs, music news and more.

    You can access the following sites from the WebNews facility:

    Web sites providing RDF/RSS news feeds.
    Google News groups
    eBay auction items

    The WebNews facility in CRSP is made available as a pane of the Contents window, i.e. it is displayed at the left of the editing area and provides two views - a scrolling tabular view, or a tree view so you can see what each site is doing. WebNews works by polling the remote sites, and each site is configurable in the delay between polls. For example, some sites might only update once a day, others, such as major news feeds may update every 15 minutes or so. You can control the amount of polling, e.g. to reduce network bandwidth and delays in CRiSP whilst downloading and updating news.