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dtrace progress 20110118

Having done various "other" projects (which are still ongoing,
including a TV Guide browser/diary), its back to dtrace. Suddenly
decided I was annoyed dtrace wasnt running on the latest kernels
(thanks to everyone who prompted and reminded me of this).

Its a bit of a pain: 2.6.26 and 2.6.37 changed enough things to
make life difficult doing a backwards/forwards series of code changes.
Added to which, my current development laptop is missing some of the
older kernels (available on my other machine), so even if I get
it to compile, I cannot easily guarantee I havent broken a prior
kernel build.

Some things, like the "ioctl()" driver function changed, as Linux
worked out the big-kernel-lock (BKL) - which is a good thing, but
enough to complicate code having to handle old and new kernels.

Others are a bit more curious (e.g. kmalloc() prototype not visible
unless <linux/slab.h> is included).

Also, USDT on my Ubuntu 8.04/32bit is generating bad ELF object
files, which means a clean compile wont proceed to completion.

Then we have more changes to mutexes and the structures, so I need
to be careful we dont break dtrace.

Hope to put out a new release soon that restores "upto dateness".

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