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Typing error

Spent days trying to debug and understand dtrace with this line:

inline struct psinfo_t *curpsinfo = ((struct ps_info_t *) `curproc);

I was following the type casting and type comparing code.

Eventually I spotted a stray underscore.

Can you spot it?

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Dtrace release 2010-08-30

This release includes a working kernel ctf file dump. Finally, the following
trace script should work:

printf("pathname=%s\n", args[2]->fi_pathname);

Note the fact we are referring to fi_pathname, with no struct definition
in sight! This works because /usr/lib/dtrace/io.d is read, and this works
with the kernel ctf file.

A big...

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Blocking on dtrace

Just having some mental blocks on dtrace. Specifically, we now
create a kernel .ctf file - but looks like this is missing something we
need, despite putting in the bufinfo_t structure in to the stubs file.

Without that, we cannot invoke args[n] because dtrace doesnt know
how to convert the struct.

Hopefully wont take too long to figure out what is...

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