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ELF Format files

Its been an interesting couple of weeks trying to get the
ELF converter to create a universal binary for Linux. With
later GLIBC releases, the .hash section was replaced with
a .gnu.hash section, and the /lib/ runtime linker
understands this new section. (The new section is smaller and
faster to link, especially with C++ apps which have long

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libelf brokenness

I do dislike libelf - its just an important library for manipulating
executables, but when it goes wrong, you are SOL trying to determine
what *it* did wrong, rather than your application.

As I diagnose the backwards compatibility issues on later binutils,
I found that we have a new section .gnu_hash which exists instead
of .hash. Older dynamic linkers...

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Woes of VirtualBox

More Ubuntu 10.10 grief. Why did VirtualBox stop liking my
existing virtual hard drives? Strangely my Windows XP and Windows 7
vm disks work fine, but all my legacy Linux releases (see prior post!)
fail to boot in strange ways.

After a lot of fiddling with cpu/paging options in VirtualBox, I
found something strange. Where my VM was configured for a...

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ELF. ELF. ELF. Dont do it!

This is me at least. How to create a "universal"
Linux binary. A universal binary is one which can be created
on one kernel/glibc distro but run on all prior and future releases
(or as many as I have or can catalog).

Its common to want the latest/greatest distro on your main machine.
(I currently run Ubuntu 10.10). But if I build...

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