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dtrace progress 20110118

Having done various "other" projects (which are still ongoing,
including a TV Guide browser/diary), its back to dtrace. Suddenly
decided I was annoyed dtrace wasnt running on the latest kernels
(thanks to everyone who prompted and reminded me of this).

Its a bit of a pain: 2.6.26 and 2.6.37 changed enough things to
make life difficult doing a...

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Christmas PC

How to spend Xmas: buy a new PC. Get it working, and spend the
holiday period fuming and swearing.

Ok, new PC (DELL - for what its worth - nice machine, good spec). It
worked flawlessy.

So, first, we need to transfer photos and firefox bookmarks in order
to keep the family happy. (PC is not for me).

So, we move out the old PC. Spend ages trying to get...

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"CRiSP is awesome, especially for anyone who likes to use Brief on the PC, and hates vi. I use it for all my code development and maintenance tasks. It's also great for editing binary files or very large files, or files which have very long lines, which cause other editors to choke."