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Dtrace : oops

Just an update - I noticed some minor annoyances in dtrace, which I
want to fix, so I can use it in anger. Here they are:

Cant trace syscalls for a 32-bit app on a 64-bit kernel. Duh! Yes,
but I never finished that work so I forgot!

Access to "cpu" for printing doesnt work unless the /usr/lib/dtrace
files are installed. Sometimes I run from a build...

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Windows 7: You made a friend

I just had to do some home surgery. Son dropped laptop, and hard drive didnt
recover. Shame, since the harddrive was supposed to be able to survive
these (thats what Compaq/HP says on the sales blurb; me - I never believe any
of that :-) )

After a quick, "what next? dash to the stores?", decided to reclaim an unused
spare 80GB laptop drive and go with...

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dtrace + libelf

Something funny happened on the way to the forum.

Dtrace (the user command) relies on the libelf library to allow
introspection of target applications and for the USDT code for creating
probable libraries.

The naked Ubuntu (and many other distros) provide a core set of packages
to work, but not the development packages. The dtrace release tells you

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dtrace updates

I posted a new release of dtrace last night, and theres some silly
issues to resolve in that release. Its fine on Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10
and probably lots of earlier releases, but thought it worth highlighting
some of the blips I found on an RedHat AS4 build:

  1. If yacc is used, especially older yaccs, a bison construct can lead to a
    compile time error....

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