Calling Collegiate MMA Athletes!

The National Collegiate Grappling Association is always eager to bring Mixed Martial Arts to budding MMA athletes to pursue their sport and education simultaneously. As we are associated with the National Collegiate Wrestling Association, the top Universities across the Nation already trust & welcome our programs!


What Are The Advantages of College MMA?

MMA has been the fastest growing sport in the US for several years and now we are bringing a whole new dynamic of student-athletes and fans to Campuses all across the United States.

At the professional level, too, MMA has experienced exponential growth, punctuated by the sale of The UFC for over $4 billion in 2017.

We want College MMA athletes to experience the structure of competition and responsibilities and challenges that come with being a student-athlete.

There is strong demand both athletically and commercially for the sport of MMA to thrive on college campuses across the Country. We believe our student-athletes will thrive in the classroom, playground, and gymnasium as well, since College MMA is proven to aid in both fitness and personality development, especially in young, growing minds and bodies.