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CRiSP has a very advanced set of features and the summary below is really only the tip of the iceberg. It is difficult to do justice to the multitudes of features in the product using mere words.

Using standard tools, trying to find or navigate through huge projects is tedious at best. With CRiSP – you can get a clear high level view of a project in seconds and be well on your way to understanding foreign projects which have not been developed by you.

CRiSP supports most languages out of the box and is extendable to support your favorite language as well. Powerful features include: Code Completion, Infotips, FTP Support, Class Browser and a Code Beautifier!

With a multi-platform presence and integration with industry leading development environments, CRiSP provides an entire organization with a standard coding environment.

There are a number of feature enhancements in the latest CRiSP version, which should provide more editing power and customization control. In addition to this high level view of features, literally hundreds of features catering to every task are present.

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Dynamic code colorization & colorized printing

CRiSP provides unlimited color / font support. It provides complete color hi-lighting support when marking text even on dumb terminals, i.e. you see what you hi-light. Chroma coding gives the capability to see and print various sections comments, keywords, functions, numbers, text of a file in different colors. Current version lets the user to have underlined & bolded keywords, comments etc. Chroma/Colorized coding is supported for the following languages:

C / C ++ / C#PerlVerilog
HTMLS29Many more

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Advanced Search & Replace

CRiSP supports Multi-file Search and Replace with numerous options and variations. You can search and replace across any number of files, directories, an entire project or an entire workspace. Multi-file searching highlights the words found and provides hotkeys for find next/previous match. Both Unix and Brief regular expressions supported. Some of the advanced search features now available include:

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